Ceramics Intermediate - Handbuilding

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Location: NWTC Artisan and Business Center
1417 Cedar St
Green Bay, WI 54302
Room: AC115 - Ceramics Studio B

Instructor: Karen Krebsky

In this intermediate class, students will build on their foundational ceramic skills with a focus on handbuilding. Further develop fundamental handbuilding techniques to make sculptural and functional forms. Students will create patterns for slab-assembly, apply textures, utilize slip in a decorative manner, learn additional glaze practices, and practice sculptural techniques. Join to continue to develop your pottery making style and prowess through handbuilding!

Prerequisite: Ceramics Fundamentals

CLASS BONUS TIME Class Bonus Time is additional time to work in the studio outside of class hours and it is available to students who are currently enrolled in ceramics classes and pyrography classes. Class Bonus Time is available for the weeks the class is scheduled as well as one week after the class ends to help wrap up any projects. There is no cost to utilize Class Bonus Time, but all participants must sign-in at the lobby.

CLASS MATERIALS This class includes 25lbs of clay and the corresponding glaze and kiln services to be used during the designated class and Class Bonus Time. Students may purchase an additional 25lbs of clay with corresponding glaze and kiln services for $66 + tax. Additional clay must be used within the allotted time of the class.

$180.00 / person
Location: 1417 Cedar St - Room: AC115 – Ceramics Studio B
Latitude: 44.5105849
Longitude: -87.991446
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