Fused Glass Intermediate

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Location: NWTC Artisan and Business Center
1417 Cedar St
Green Bay, WI 54302
Room: AC116 - Metals Studio / Garage

Instructor: Annie Stenseth

Did you let yourself fall in love with glass fusing and now crave more experience? We’ve got you covered! Join Fused Glass Instructors in working to refine your glass fusing and slumping skills by building on your foundational techniques in this intermediate class. The focus will be to gain knowledge and skill in all phases of fused glass work. Students will explore more advanced glass fusing approaches that require multiple firings, while learning bubble control and cold work. Instructors will educate students on methods to further enhance the complexity of their designs, such as cutting curvilinear shapes, thoughtful color selection, and pattern development techniques. Students will have the opportunity to produce six individual pieces of medium to large scale throughout the course of six weeks!
Bring your ideas and creativity.
Prerequisite: Fused Glass Fundamentals

You’ll love this class if you want to learn techniques for:

  • Cutting/breaking glass
  • Bending glass
  • Fusing glass methods
  • Grinding with a lap grinder
  • Firing a kiln
  • Finishing pieces
  • Using the masonry saw for fuse-cut-reconfigure-refuse
  • Working in larger formats to allow more complex designs
  • Draping, slumping, drop out vase forms and molds

In this class you’ll have the opportunity to use the following equipment and materials:

  • Fusible glass (some included, additional variety of glass available for purchase)
  • Frit and stringer variety
  • Glass cutting and breaking tools
  • Grinding tools and masonry saw
  • Diamond finishing pads
  • Acetylene/air torch
  • Fiber paper
  • Gram scale
  • Draping, slumping, drop out forms and molds
$225.00 / person
Location: 1417 Cedar St - Room: AC116 – Metals Studio / Garage
Latitude: 44.5105849
Longitude: -87.991446
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