Raku Firing Class

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Location: NWTC Artisan and Business Center
1417 Cedar St - Room: AC115 – Ceramics Studio B
Green Bay, WI 54302

Instructor: Keith Carter
Follow our celebrated Ceramics instructors on a journey through history to experience the truly unique, time-honored tradition of Raku firing! During this class, students will construct their wares from a particular Raku clay and fire them by means of the chosen firing processes to achieve one-of-a-kind, random yet distinctive surfaces and colorations unique to Raku firing. This type of alternative firing is curious in the sense that it is very experimental and there is no fixed control over how the finish will come out. That is also what leaves everyone wanting more – the results are always a wonderful surprise!
Bring your ideas and creativity.
Prerequisite: Ceramics Fundamentals

You’ll love this class if you want to learn techniques for:

  • Taking part in Raku firing processes using a propane gas kiln
  • Preparing pottery for firings by burnishing, glazing, wrapping, and more
  • Practicing unique firing processes such as Raku glazing, horsehair and feather Raku, Obvara firing, Saggar firing, naked Raku

In this class you’ll have the opportunity to use the following equipment and materials:

Alternative Raku kiln, potter’s wheel, variety of studio tools for throwing and handbuilding, ½ bag of specific Raku clay, premixed Raku glazes, specific materials for each process

$110.00 / person
Location: 1417 Cedar St - Room: AC115 – Ceramics Studio B
Latitude: 44.5105849
Longitude: -87.991446
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