Boat Patrol Maneuvering

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Location: McKinley Marina
1750 N Lincoln Memorial Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Working a patrol car is different than working a patrol boat. You start your car; put it in drive, and leave. You start your boat, manage or direct the line work on deck, put it in gear, and try not to hit the dock. In your car you can stop and turn with precision.

In the boat, your maneuvering attempts are significantly impacted by the wind, sea state, and current. If you conduct a traffic stop, everyone CAN stop, unless someone chooses not to. During a boat stop, both vessels are almost always moving freely. On the boat, you have to rely on your close quarter and open water maneuvering skills to keep you and your crew safe and to accomplish your mission.

In this class, you will learn how to assess and take action in close quarters, and you will learn and test the limits of your patrol boat in open water.

Classroom and underway topics will include:

  • Close quarter maneuvering mechanics, assessment, and on deck action
  • Open water acceleration, advance and transfer, tactical diameter, deceleration and stopping
  • Station keeping for mission execution
  • Tactical approach considerations for waterborne patrol

Attendees are required to bring their agency boat

$249.00 / person
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Location: McKinley Marina
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