LESB Firearms Instructor

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Location: NWTC Green Bay Campus
2740 W Mason St
Green Bay, WI 54303
Room: GBP107

This 56 hour handgun and rifle instructor course will train instructor candidates in the theory and hands on skill development techniques of firearms instruction and assist the instructor candidates in developing skills to provide officers the training experience necessary for successful deployment of the semiautomatic pistol and tactical/patrol rifle, and a continuous program of skill improvement, combined with a working and defensible knowledge of the use of force rules. All new firearms instructors are required to become certified as handgun and rifle instructor through this WI DOJ Training and Standards course.

Applicant must have completed the 32-hour CJ-IDC course within the previous 2 years before attending, or be a currently-certified LESB Instructor, and have 3 years full-time experience.

1. Register online.
2. Complete Topic Specific Instructor Training Course Application (LESB-DJ-LE 336) and Student Authorization for Release of Information (DJ-LE-310). These can be downloaded at https://www.nwtc.edu/business-and-industry/public-safety-training/public-safety-training-forms-and-resources
3. Send a completed DJ-LE-336, DJ-LE-310 and a copy of the officer’s ACADIS training transcript to sue.lemerond@nwtc.edu at least two weeks prior to the class.

Confirmation to attend training will not be made until these documents have been received by NWTC.

* Semiautomatic pistol with 3 magazines and 750 rounds of ammo
* Tactical rifle/sling with three magazines and 750 rounds ammo
* Flashlight
* Handgun Cleaning Kit
* Duty Gun belt / Holster / equipment
* Eye and Ear Protection, Ball Cap
* Personal Body Armor
* Personal Computer
* Clothing to train at outdoor range
* Copy of Current Department Use of Force Policy

$549.00 / person
We are not currently taking registrations for this event.
Location: 2740 W Mason St - Room: GBP107
Latitude: 44.5272643
Longitude: -88.109515
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