4Hr Tactical Rifle Refresher

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Location: NWTC Public Safety Training Center
2565 Larson Rd
Green Bay, WI 54303
Room: GBP107

This training has been designed to reinforce the officer’s ability to utilize their patrol rifle and handgun. Officers will review the basic fundamental weapon skills & techniques, through numerous reps & drills, in order to develop, improve, and enhance their own skill level & confidence. Officers completing this class will be better prepared to operate & use their weapons, while utilizing other various techniques, to handle & control a variety situations they may encounter on a daily basis.

Equipment needed: Rifle and 60 rounds of rifle ammo

$40.00 / person
Location: 2565 Larson Rd - Room: GBP107
Latitude: 44.530685
Longitude: -88.099862
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