Basic SWAT

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Location: NWTC Public Safety Training Center
2565 Larson Rd
Green Bay, WI 54303
Room: GBTH202 Front Classroom

This course introduces the student to the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for operating on a SWAT team. In addition to basic team structure, organization, movements and commands, the student will train in the deployment of chemical and specialty impact munitions and distraction devices. *Officers whose departments do not use distraction devices are not required to bring distraction devices.

Course Objectives: The student will be capable of using appropriate tactics and techniques for warrant service, deliberate and dynamic entries, barricaded subjects, hostage rescue, outdoor searches, and rapid deployment. Comprehension of the students' skills will be evaluated in various high level scenarios at the end of the course.

Required Equipment:
* Duty Belt with handgun and typical support gear
* Personal Body Armor / Tactical Body Armor
* Fire resistant gloves and head cover
* Eye / Ear Protection
* 200 rounds of handgun ammo
* 200 rounds of long gun ammo
* 50 rounds of marking cartridges (ATK)
* 2 distraction devices*
* Utility uniform and/or weather-appropriate training clothing

Recommended Equipment:
* Ballistic helmet
* Long gun
* Gas Mask
* Knee / Elbow Pads

$495.00 / person
Location: 2565 Larson Rd - Room: GBTH202 Front Classroom
Latitude: 44.530685
Longitude: -88.099862
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