Beyond the Basics: Advanced Vehicle Contacts

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Location: Universal Driving Facility
4975 Glendale Ave - Room: GBUD109 - Classroom
Howard, WI 54313

As Policing is evolving rapidly, we as officers must prepare and train for the violent and deadly encounters taking place across the country. This course is geared towards officers who are looking to improve their tactical skills during traffic stops and other vehicle contacts situations. Officers will have an opportunity to evaluate and assess their skills through numerous high risk, ambush, and sudden assault situations. Officer down discussions and exercises will also be integrated into this course.

This 8 hour course is designed for police officers looking to review or improve their tactical skills in a traffic stop environment. Course content will also include a dynamic look at the approach, the return, re-approach, and non-approach considerations to improve officer safety. This class will utilize isolation exercises and high level Force on Force scenarios, as a way to implement the course content into a real world application.

$125.00 / person
Location: 4975 Glendale Ave - Room: GBUD109 - Classroom
Latitude: 44.5883809
Longitude: -88.165161
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