Cultural Intelligence for Law Enforcement

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Location: Universal Driving Facility
4975 Glendale Ave - Room: GBUD110 - Classroom
Howard, WI 54313

As a law enforcement professional, you will work with all members of the community. What that community looks like will change because the population of the United States is constantly changing. We live in a country that is getting bigger, getting older, and getting more multi-cultural. Officers who know their communities and the various populations within those communities can work with all residents to ensure your safety and the safety of the people you serve.

In addition to sound tactical skills, professional officers need superior communication and problem-solving skills in all cultures. Officers need to be respectful of and responsive to the beliefs, practices and cultural needs of different people with diverse backgrounds. In this course, officers/participants will learn about the concept of implicit bias and how these biases can impact the perception and behavior of law enforcement officers.

This will not be a course where the instructor does all the talking. Attendees will be encouraged to be involved in course discussions and express their thoughts and opinions in a professional and respectful environment. Each attendee will bring their own cultural backgrounds and life experiences to the class and encouraged to share if comfortable.

This is a blended course that includes lecture, course activities, discussions, and projects that will compliment course learning objectives and help each attendee gain a better understanding of culture and race in our communities.

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Location: 4975 Glendale Ave - Room: GBUD110 - Classroom
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