House of Worship Safety Part 3/3-Respond, React, and Recover

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Location: Virtual Meeting
2740 W Mason St - Room: Virtual Meeting
Green Bay, WI 54303

Houses of worship should be the safest places on Earth; sadly, they are not. Every day, across the United States, they are victimized by criminal occurrences. Some incidents, such as the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, are so dramatic that the event shocks the senses.

Houses of worship represent a unique crime prevention challenge for police officers due to the very nature of such places. They are often open environments, both physically and figuratively. Once one is victimized, a standard response is, "Who would steal from God?" Regrettably, the answer is that there are many people who would. Criminals do not respect the sanctity of such places; they are interested only in finding an easy target.

The best way to mitigate a potential attack and/or crime is to take a holistic approach to security. Join us for a three-part webinar series on tips, techniques, and tactics to keep your place of worship safe and secure.

This presentation will cover crimes against churches in America. We will examine the why, what, and who of what is occurring.

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