How to Catch a Killer: Uncovering Justice and Improving Proactive in Missed, Misdirected or Misdiagnosed Deaths

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Location: NWTC Green Bay Campus
2740 W Mason St - Room: SC130
Green Bay, WI 54303

This training provides the knowledge and tools needed to increase likelihood of success in hidden homicides. This course will discuss various types of missed, misdirected, and misdiagnosed homicides that often go unidentified or misunderstood. The course will address challenges practitioners face to identify, investigate or prosecute an equivocal death, where uncertainty of the cause and manner exists.
Attendees will better understand commonly misunderstood death scenes and improve skills to analyze and document crucial evidence circumstances surrounding a death. Attendees will learn how to apply behavior analysis of death scenes, including staging efforts by an offender.

Attendees will learn about the specific obstacles that practitioners face in asphyxiation deaths where a diagnosis of exclusions lends itself to misdirection by offenders and practitioners. Criminal asphyxiation victim types, dynamics, motives, intent, and prevalence will be discussed with indicators that can be used for recognition of these different variables. Once identified, practitioners will gain skills to help them overcome the common barriers they face to establish intent, address how to overcome an “undetermined” ruling, defenses and doubts including the “rough sex” defense.

When you don’t have eyewitnesses, a confession, or a video of the crime, you have a circumstantial case, and the work and opinions of coroners and medical examiners can play a pivotal role in the decision to charge and convict an offender. This course will discuss how the work of coroners and medical examiners affects the search for the truth in criminal cases.

Attendees will also be provided with several steps that can then be taken to bring these cases up to contemporary standards. Case studies will demonstrate the failures of the system and how those failures can be turned into a success. Attendees will navigate through a virtual death scene and work together to investigate a commonly misunderstood case scenarios.

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Location: 2740 W Mason St - Room: SC130
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