Leadership Academy Applications (Online Live)

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Location: Virtual Event
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This course introduces you to the group and team processes that are at the root of building, developing, and supporting work teams in various workplaces and contexts. Effective professionals must understand modern leadership and management strategies, and the best ways for working together with others. Topics for this course include benefits and challenges of group work, necessary roles in a team, stages of team development, meeting facilitation, different approaches to problem solving, consensus, data acquisition, analysis, developing alternative solutions, implementation, and evaluation.

* Demonstrate methods for gaining consensus on a team
* Construct definitions that delineate all critical aspects to problems solved within team dynamics
* Demonstrate strategies for collecting and analyze data to find, define, and solve team dynamic problems.
* Identify the potential causes of team functionality problems
* Evaluate potential alternative solutions to identified team dynamic problems
* Construct a solution implementation plan
* Plan and prepare for team meetings.
* Facilitate the processes and participation of members during team meetings
* Identify the process of team development
* Apply methods of communication between team members

Session 1: Foundations of Group and Team Processes

Session 2: Problem Solving and Decision Making in Teams

Session 3: Advanced Team Management Strategies

(Note: This is a virtual class in which you will need to join the session with your own individual computer that has audio and video capabilities. Access to high-speed internet is required. We will be using Microsoft Teams as our video conferencing tool and Canvas Learning Management System.)

$399.00 / person
Leadership Academy Applications (Online Live) 4026 399 Leadership Development true