Leaking the Truth – Intermediate

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Location: NWTC Green Bay Campus
2740 W Mason St
Green Bay, WI 54303
Room: CC210 Parking Lot F

This course expands on the one-day basic class. Students will learn and see examples of micro expressions, body gestures, voice inflections and verbiage changes. Everything will be more detailed, in-depth and hands on. Students will do a writing sample of their own, then do an analysis on it. They will be assigned actual videos to watch and do an analysis on. They will be given actual statements to break down and do an analysis using Statement Analysis and (SCAN) Scientific Content Analysis. The students will take part in mock interviews and through classroom discussions, will reveal the signs of deception and truth that were leaked.
Students will develop a standard of routine questioning to recognize baseline behaviors. Prepare questions which prompt an emotional response. Put it all together to recognize deceptive behaviors vs true emotion through micro expressions, body gestures, voice inflections and the verbiage people choose.

***If you would like to be invoiced after the training is complete, email [rob.hock@nwtc.edu](mailto:rob.hock@nwtc.edu) with each attendee's name and date of birth, and we will get them registered for the class.***

$399.00 / person
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Location: 2740 W Mason St - Room: CC210 Parking Lot F
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