Lean in the Office (Online Live)

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Have you ever wondered how you could apply the Lean concepts in the Office? Let's face it, we have heard for years how to use these concepts in manufacturing, but not on how to apply these exact same concepts in the office. This course will show you EXACTLY how to apply game changing Lean concepts in areas like HR, Finance, IT, Project Management, Supply Chain, Legal, Finance, etc. Learn practical concepts that you can REALLY use every single day to save time and money to work more efficiently and effectively.

The following items will be delivered to students, along with project discussions (if any students are currently working on a project), completing an online simulation, and checking for understanding. Please note that this course does not include statistics.

* Why don't companies start their journey in the office?
* Benefits of Lean concepts in the office
* Definition of Lean and its history
* Defining Value
* What is an office process?
* Benchmarking in a non-manufacturing setting
* Systems thinking
* Process owners and stakeholders
* Management and Planning tools
* Identifying different types of customers
* Voice of the customer
* Root cause analysis in the office and tools to help you along the way
* Customer data

**Recommended reading for the course (to be purchased by the individual students from Amazon): "*How to Improve Absolutely Anything*" by Katie Labedz**

$379.00 / person
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