LESB EVOC Instructor

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Location: Universal Driving Facility
4975 Glendale Ave - Room: GBUD109 - Classroom
Howard, WI 54313

This course prepares Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB) certified officers to effectively administer and teach the Emergency Vehicle Operations and Control (EVOC) training program. This course emphasizes teaching and learning techniques that promote active learning, supporting learners with a variety of learning preferences and needs, and generate continuous improvements in teaching and learning. The goal of this program is to prepare certified officers who are proficient in driving a vehicle under emergency conditions to deliver LESB-approved EVOC curriculum.

We are at full capacity at this time.

$375.00 / person
We are no longer taking registrations for this event.
Location: 4975 Glendale Ave - Room: GBUD109 - Classroom
Latitude: 44.5883809
Longitude: -88.165161
Marker Title: Universal Driving Facility
Marker Tooltip: Universal Driving Facility