LESB Professional Communications Instructor

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Location: NWTC Green Bay Campus
2740 W Mason St
Green Bay, WI 54303
Room: CC215 Parking Lot F

This class deals with developing effective communication tactics for dealing with the public, your clientele, and fellow staff members to include supervisors, peers, and subordinates, and well as other professionals.

Course Objectives: Display PCS; knowledge and comprehension, skills application and analysis ability, performance synthesis and evaluation /articulation ability in the Professional Communications Skills Curriculum. Professionally and properly instruct Recruit and In-service Law Enforcement Officers using the PCS Curriculum using the latest educational technologies, strategies and learning theories.

The applicant should be currently certified as a WI DOJ Instructor.


  1. Register online.
  2. Complete Topic Specific Instructor Training Course Application (LESB-DJ-LE 336) and Student Authorization for Release of Information (DJ-LE-310). These can be downloaded at https://www.nwtc.edu/business-and-industry/public-safety-training/public-safety-training-forms-and-resources
  3. Send a completed DJ-LE-336, DJ-LE-310 and a copy of the officer’s ACADIS training transcript to sue.lemerond@nwtc.edu at least two weeks prior to the class.


Confirmation to attend training will not be made until these documents have been received by NWTC.

$200.00 / person
We are not currently taking registrations for this event.
Location: 2740 W Mason St - Room: CC215 Parking Lot F
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