Less Lethal Instructor

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Location: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Academy
9225 S 68th St
Franklin, WI 53132

Summary This 24-hour program will provide the student with qualified instructor training in the use of Less-Lethal intervention options including Kinetic Energy Impact Munitions, Chemical Agents and Noise/Flash Diversionary Devices (flash-bangs). New and experienced instructors will benefit from this program by being exposed to various deployment systems and scenario applications.

Description Topics: • Tactical employment of munitions • Levels of Force • Physiological Effects of Munitions • Shot Placement • 12 gauge, 37mm, and 40mm Specialty Munitions • Less Lethal kinetic energy projectiles • Chemical agent munitions • Deployment techniques

Pre-requisites Equipment needed for this course includes: • Department issued Less Lethal shotgun, 37 or 40 mm launcher. • Protective Gas Mask • Duty gear, Body Armor, Training (non-function) handgun and, Flashlight. • Nomex® or similar type gloves that cover the entire hand. Long sleeve shirt • Wrap around Ballistic Eye and Ear protection • Dept. Less Lethal inventory and policy if available for deployment planning. • 3-5 Barricade Rounds (12ga, 37, or 40mm) • 2-3 Pyrotechnic smoke (preferred) or CS grenades with pull pin Fuze. • 4 CTS 7290, 7290M, 7290T with training fuzes or Def-Tec Distraction Devices

$300.00 / person
Location: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Academy
Latitude: 42.8770835
Longitude: -88.003257
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