Live, Love, Serve – Understanding the Police Profession

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Location: NWTC Green Bay Campus
2740 W Mason St
Green Bay, WI 54303
Room: CC210 Parking Lot F

This workshop is designed to help new & veteran officers, students, and family members understand the complex profession of a career in law enforcement and will help them gain a better understanding of the pitfalls that are not always taught in most police recruit academies.

Topics include: post-traumatic stress disorder, shift work, harassment from other officers, ethics, traumatic crime scenes, personal relationships, substance abuse, field training, coping mechanisms for stressors, finances, divorce, on duty police deaths, the debriefing process, suicide, and many more.

The workshop is built in conjunction with helping families and loved ones gain insight of “My Cop” and helps them see what we as officers are going through before it happens.

This is a day that is a roller coaster of emotions. You may cry, you will laugh, and at times, topics will be very serious in nature. We will discuss the negative aspects of a career in law enforcement, but also celebrate what a truly wonderful profession this really is.

Families are encouraged to attend this training with officers

$20.00 / person
Location: 2740 W Mason St - Room: CC210 Parking Lot F
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