Low Light Tactics

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Location: NWTC Public Safety Training Center
2565 Larson Rd - Room: GBP107
Green Bay, WI 54303

This course will introduce students to tactical concepts when they are responding to calls and operating in diminished or low light environments. With over 60% of deadly force confrontations occurring during the hours of darkness it is imperative for officers to learn how to utilize low light level tactics. This course will help officers understand the different types of flashlights officers use and how to deploy flashlight techniques to illuminate environments and identify threats.

Officers will have the opportunity to practice everyday skills in the dark such as: handcuffing, 3 point ground stabilizations, and weapon transitions. Room clearing, team tactics, and officer down strategies and skills will be performed under low light conditions to allow officers to become more comfortable operating when heading into the darkness.

$125.00 / person
Location: 2565 Larson Rd - Room: GBP107
Latitude: 44.530685
Longitude: -88.099862
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