Mindfulness in the Workplace (Virtual)

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Location: Virtual Event
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Mindfulness goes beyond meditation. Being more mindful is about being more present and in the moment. People that are more mindful are able to remain calmer, they are more present and conscious of what they are doing and how they are responding. They create connections and allow people to do more self-regulation. Being mindful is being fully aware, notice how not only the mind is knowing, but the physical body is also feeling. When we are mindful we are able to reduce stress, increase performance, create a deeper awareness and observe. People that are more mindful can be more productive and accurate as well.

Learn how to utilize mindfulness to:

  • Be more creative and innovative in the workplace.
  • Think strategically, set goals or intentions
  • Develop personally and professional
  • Be less reactive in tense moments
  • Be more productive at work
  • Ease tension, stress and anxiety

This is an Online Class in which you will need to join the session with your own individual computer that has audio and video capabilities.

You will receive a web link for the training within a week of the training start date.

$59.00 / person
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