Patrol Response of Overdose Investigations

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Location: NWTC Green Bay Campus
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The number of drug overdoses and overdose deaths are increasing for agencies of all sizes and locations. Patrol responses to drug overdose deaths can be complex and time consuming and requires additional patrol officer and patrol supervisor training and resources. Standardizing the patrol response to drug overdoses is an important step in the investigative process.  The four phases of patrol overdose investigations will be covered in detail.  This course is intended for patrol officers who are regularly responding to drug overdose cases and want to become more proficient in this specialization area.  Patrol overdose response is becoming its own specialization in patrol and any officer looking to enhance their investigative skills with the goal of becoming a full-time investigator would benefit significantly. This course is also recommended for all patrol supervisors who see a need to improve the agencies’ response to overdose cases.  The course will cover essential topics in the four phases of patrol drug overdose cases.  Each attendee will receive the “Drug Overdose Patrol Response Guide” that will assist in ensuring that all necessary information is collected and reported to complete the patrol investigative response. Also provided will be numerous search warrant templates and sample report language and affidavit language examples. 

Some of these topics include:

  • Overdose response phases
  • Patrol overdose response protocol
  • Legal aspects of overdose cases
  • Conducting efficient scene interviews.
  • Identifying and collecting evidence
  • Introduction to drafting search warrants and affidavits
  • Role of the cell phone in overdose cases
  • Report writing – The good, the bad and the ugly
  • Supervisory role in overdose cases
  • Creating a defendable OD response protocol
  • Addiction aspects and intervention options
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