Property Room and Evidence Management

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Location: Universal Driving Facility
4975 Glendale Ave - Room: GBUD109 - Classroom
Howard, WI 54313

From the moment an officer arrives on scene to the final strike of the gavel in the courtroom, the collection and storage of evidence and property is crucial to the outcome of any case. This case will cover the steps needed to be taken along with the protocols set forth by the WI Department of Justice Crime Lab.

This class is being taught by Holly Schultz and Cyndel Sawall, both evidence/property room managers at law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin. Holly and Cyndel are also members of the Wisconsin Association for Identification and were instrumental in creating the Wisconsin Property and Evidence Management Guide

Topics to be covered include:

  • Physical security of property and evidence rooms
  • Policies and procedures relating to the property and evidence storage
  • Legal issues pertaining to the operation of property and evidence storage
  • Evidence packaging for storage and submission for testing
  • Evidence integrity
  • Disposition of property and evidence in accordance with WI Statutes
  • Bio-hazardous evidence storage and destruction
  • WI Crime Lab submission guidelines

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Location: 4975 Glendale Ave - Room: GBUD109 - Classroom
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