Tactical Handgun Refresher with Annual Qualification

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Location: NWTC Public Safety Training Center
2565 Larson Rd
Green Bay, WI 54303
Room: GBP110 Range

The Handgun Refresher will allow officers to update their current skills and abilities through drills and discussions. Our focus will be to compliment the officer’s current skill sets and allow them to assess and evaluate their current abilities through demonstrations and hands-on training exercises. Our focus will be on grip, posture, alignment, stance, steps of the draw, steps after combat shooting, phase 1 & 2 malfunctions, movement, out-of-battery reloads, in-battery reloads, use of cover, proper recovery, team tactics, and combat situations.

The WI DOJ Handgun Qualification will also be completed for officers at the end of this training.

Students will be required to bring their own ammunition.

$60.00 / person
Location: 2565 Larson Rd - Room: GBP110 Range
Latitude: 44.530685
Longitude: -88.099862
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