Tactics for Patrol

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Location: NWTC Public Safety Training Center
2565 Larson Rd - Room: GBTH202 Front Classroom
Green Bay, WI 54303

This course is geared towards officers who are looking to improve their tactical skills in Building searches, room clearing, barricaded subjects & team concept situations. Officers will have an opportunity to evaluate and assess their skills through numerous high risk, ambush, and sudden assault situations. Active Shooter discussions and exercises will also be integrated into this course.

This 16 hour course is designed for police officers looking to review or improve their tactical skills in regards to these topics. Course content will also include a dynamic look at barricaded subjects and patrol response to high risk situations. This class will utilize isolation exercises and high level Force on Force scenarios, as a way to implement the course content into a real world application.

$180.00 / person
Location: 2565 Larson Rd - Room: GBTH202 Front Classroom
Latitude: 44.530685
Longitude: -88.099862
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