Tech Challenge 2023 - Electricity (Green Bay, Live)

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Location: NWTC Green Bay Campus
2740 W Mason St
Green Bay, WI 54303

Questions? Please contact Scott Williams at: Email:
Phone: 920-498-5620

TRADES & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES Student capacity: Minimum 3, Maximum 20 The goal of this competition is for students to demonstrate their electrical wiring skills by correctly identify electrical devices, choosing the proper wire size for a 15 Amp rated branch circuit, and wiring an electrical circuit that contains 2 three-way light switches, a keyless lamp holder, and one receptacle outlet. All electrical components will be provided along with the 120 V power source and board. The project will be graded on speed, quality of splices/terminations, and functionality. Project: • Appropriate plastic device boxes will be mounted on a 2 ft X 2 ft plywood board with wiring being nonmetallic sheathed cable, type NM-B (romex). Per residential wiring standards. • Installation shall include 2 three-way switches that control a standard keyless fixture. • Installation shall also include a receptacle outlet with constant power (not switched). • All devices, boxes, and wire will be supplied. • Multiple types of switches and receptacles will be provided, the students will have to identify the proper device needed for project and install them. • NM-B cable shall be installed from power supply terminal strip, to receptacle, to three-way switches, to light. • All wire-to-wire terminations shall be pre-twisted and capped with a wire nut per industry standards. • All wire to device connections shall be hooked and attached to device screw per industry standards. Scoring: • Speed of Installation • Quality of splices and connections • Neatness of work • National Electrical Code Compliance • Functionality For speed, 20 points will be rewarded for the first person with a completed project that functions properly. One point will be reduced, in order of completion.

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Location: NWTC Green Bay Campus
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