Tech Challenge 2023 - Machine Shop Project (Marinette, Display)

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Location: NWTC Marinette Campus
1601 University Dr
Marinette, WI 54143
Room: Marinette Campus Welcome Center

(Computer Numeric Control) Marinette Campus Questions? Please contact Pete Anderson at: Email: Phone: 715-735-9361

TRADES & ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES Marinette Campus student capacity: No limit

*This is a “Display project” and needs to be completed before the Marinette Trades Skills Competition and brought to NWTC to be judged. These projects can be dropped off at the Marinette Campus Welcome Center between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, April 10th to 13th for these to be judged on Friday, April 14th.

(Manual Machining) Any metal, plastic, wood work piece or part which is machined on one or more types of manual/conventional machine tools (milling machine, engine lathe, drill press). (Computer Numeric Control Machining) Any metal, plastic, wood work piece or part which is drawn with any CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software, or long-hand programmed with G&M code and then created on a CNC machine (milling, turning, routing, waterjet, EDM). All displays will be evaluated on tolerances, surface finish, and functionality, in addition to a display of the blueprint used for machining (all submissions should have a blueprint), additionally a CAM drawing with a print out of the machine code (G&M code) used for CNC parts. Tolerances: • Fractional Dimensions = +/- 1/64 • (Two place decimals) .XX = +/- .01 • (Three place decimals) .XXX = +/- .005 • Angles = +/- 1/2 degree

Surface finish: • Machined surface should be a 125 Ra or better • No burrs or sharp edges present

Functionality considerations: • Complexity of the part (is the part or piece challenging)? • Functionality of assembled parts (does the part or piece serve a purpose)?

Documentation: • All submissions should have a blueprint with dimensions and tolerances (hand-drawn sketch is acceptable) • CNC Parts should have a CAM drawing and Gcode print out

$0.00 / person
Location: 1601 University Dr - Room: Marinette Campus Welcome Center
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Longitude: -87.631056
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