Tech Challenge 2023 - The Big Idea (Green Bay, Live)

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Location: NWTC Green Bay Campus
2740 W Mason St
Green Bay, WI 54303

Questions? Please contact at: Jerry Lintz Email: Phone: 920-498-5564

COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Student capacity: Minimum 4, Maximum 12

The goal of this project is to design a start-up business…. The student will be presenting the “idea” to a group of investors to secure funding for the project. The student may select a product or service that is in existence or a new to the world idea – students must prove to the investors why the product is a worthy investment and/or why the product/service is more appealing than a similar product that is currently available.

This event is organized into three separate sections.

Section One THE ELEVATOR PITCH Before completing the written Business Plan portion of the project, brainstorm a business that you wish to start – the first task is to decide on a product or service and prepare an elevator pitch that includes the name of the business, the type of business and what product and/or services will you be developing.

Section Two WRITING THE BUSINESS PLAN Prepare a business plan outlining the start-up company using the power point template or word template provided. Section Three THE PRESENTATION

Present your proposal to the investors – remember, you are competing for start-up money... be creative with your presentation using all available props (i.e. power points, posters, short video clips, handouts, demonstration, etc.) During the presentation, investors will ask questions about the business, the target market, the financials or any key aspects that need to be analyzed in order to make a decision - after all presentations are finished, the investors will rate the presentations, provide comments and declare an overall winner.

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Location: NWTC Green Bay Campus
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